My clients call me a Fixer, I have excellent trouble shooting skills. Give me any electronic document and I can make it look much better and more accessible.

I really enjoy taking the time to help and improve my client/customer experience.

Having spent many years in the corporate environment and as a trainer I understand the need to create work that is not only accurate, but that also looks good (and professional).

It’s never something I put off or put on a to-do list because taking pride in my work is really important to me.

I adapt to handling new challenges on a daily basis and keeping calm in challenging situations. In a nutshell, a good problem solver.

With my many years of experience in secretarial, administration and training I have an excellent understanding of the Microsoft Office suite.

What I can do for you

  • Mailing list updates
  • Travel and travel arrangement services
  • Teach your staff what they need for their specific job – book the boardroom and spend time with staff attending to their requirements
  • Create standard or customized letters
  • Fix documents that require specific number formatting; page setup with margins, headers/footers; work with photographs and pictures
  • Incorporate Excel spreadsheet into a Word document
  • Link Excel Spreadsheets, charts and tables into Powerpoint presentations
  • Create PivotTables, Lookup functions
  • Work with PowerPoint transitions and animation
  • Setup PowerPoint Master slides and work with videos

As a business owner its important to manage people in your organization.  Its useful to give them the opportunity to improve their skills and work smarter with time.
There are different types of learning and development for different purposes.
Conventional teaching and training are based mainly on knowledge/skills transfer, but this does not always help with individual growth and potential.
It is important to use the best sort of learning and development methods for a given situation. Help your staff with learning that is adaptable for them as individuals.

What you can do for me

  • Use my services on a part-time or contract basis
  • Plan and organize staff and their requirements.
  • Communicate clearly what you/your staff requires.
  • Manage staff information once training or support has been concluded.
  • Make sure staff of the use of equipment and systems.
  • Payment process and payment made timeously.

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