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Course Introduction: Level 1, Level 2, Level 3

Microsoft Excel courses are trained using Microsoft Office 2013

Purpose of Course
The purpose of this course is to enable you to accomplish tasks and activities and fulfil your responsibilities. The course is designed for delegates who want to learn graphic design, desktop publishing and working with photos for their personal use or for business purposes.

Course Objective
The objective of the course is to provide the course audience with the tools and knowledge to perform their activities. The time in the course will be spent learning the functionality as outlined in the manual.

Course Performance Objective

At the end of this course, you will have been provided with an overview of the major functionality within the lessons. Each delegate is encouraged to participate during the training with observations and questions. A training manual with relevant exercises will provide you with an opportunity to practise and review the information presented in the course.

Course Performance Standard
You will participate in the classroom activities and will have completed the following lessons for Level 1:

Lesson 1 : Open and Close Excel
Lesson 2: Creating and Working with Workbooks and Worksheets
Lesson 3: Document Management
Lesson 4: Editing
Lesson 5: Formulas and Functions
Lesson 6: Formatting
Lesson 7: Views
Lesson 8: Page Layout, Printing

You will participate in the classroom activities and will have completed the following lessons for Level 2:

Lesson 1: Using Multiple worksheets and Workbooks
Lesson 2: Advanced Formatting
Lesson 3: Outlining and Subtotals
Lesson 4: Cell and Range Names
Lesson 5: Tables
Lesson 6: Advanced Charting
Lesson 7: Document and Auditing
Lesson 8: Templates and Settings

You will participate in the classroom activities and will have completed the following lessons for Level 3:

Lesson 1: Advanced Functions
Lesson 2: Lookups and Data Tables
Lesson 3: Advanced Data Management
Lesson 4: PivotTables and PivotCharts
Lesson 5: Exporting and Importing
Lesson 6: Analytical Tools
Lesson 7: Macros and Custom Functions
Lesson 8: Conditional formatting and SmartArt Graphics

Course Performance Conditions

To successfully complete the stated performance goal, you will have access to:

  • Assistance from Instructor
  • Manual
  • Reference materials

Teaching Methods
Lecture led in conjunction with the training manual. In this course an emphasis is placed on explaining and demonstrating.

Course Benefits

Following this course, you will have the knowledge and tool mastery to maximize your use of the features to manage your specific functions.

Course Prerequisites
Training is application-oriented, aimed at teaching those functions that are based on introduction to website basics. Policies and procedures are addressed only to the extent necessary to support this focus. Training is executed in a Windows environment.

Prior to attending this course, delegates should:

  • Have computer literacy, use computers and related technology efficiently.
  • Be familiar with Windows or Mac operating systems, work processing skills and the internet
  • Know the concepts as necessary for your area of responsibility.

Course Evaluation

You will be asked to fill in an evaluation questionnaire at the end of this course. Please take the time to give us specific and detailed feedback.

Course Duration and Schedule
The duration of these courses is 1 day each per Level ie. 1 day Microsoft Excel Level 1, Microsoft Excel Level 2, Microsoft Excel Level 3.  Each course is trained independently.
Booking and payment must be made prior to training.

Course Cost per person per day
1 day R2000.00 for each level

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